Allison Jones, owner of Bumblebee Gardening:

I've been gardening in Northeast Harbor since 2016, having previously worked as an agricultural research assistant for the University of Maine and the University of Wyoming. I'm committed to using sustainable and organic approaches to achieving healthy, beautiful gardens. 

I've worked preparing private gardens for both the 2016 and 2018 Garden Club of Mt. Desert’s Open Garden Day and know the level of care and techniques necessary to achieve such flawless gardens. In addition to estate gardening, I started an organic vegetable garden for Camp Beech Cliff at Beech Hill Farm in 2014. 

I have both hands-on and academic experience working with garden pests. I managed the organic and IPM program at a Northeast Harbor estate with several thousand square feet of ornamental beds and multiple acres of highly maintained landscaping. I've also lead-authored and co-authored peer-reviewed fact sheets on pest and beneficial insects through the University of Maine and the University of Wyoming's Cooperative Extensions.


PO Box 1056, Northeast Harbor, ME 04662

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