With a wide range of professional skills from managing and problem-solving established gardens to helping coordinate and install new plantings, we can make your property stand out. Let me know how I can help.


As a professional gardener, I bring my experience and know-how with me on every job. 


  • Spring and Fall cleanup 

  • Annual planting and perennial divisions

  • Deadheading and weeding 

  • Soil testing and amending

  • Mulching and top dressing beds

  • Small tree and shrub pruning

  • Cut flower and vegetable harvesting


Are you interested in having your own garden but don't know where to begin?  No matter how big or small your ideas might be I can help you plan and implement your own organic vegetable or flower garden and then teach you how to care for it. I can also help you source all the plants, tools and materials necessary to get started. 


I work from the belief that promoting a healthy garden through proper care is the front line in preventing disease and pest damage. If a plant is otherwise healthy, it is much more likely to withstand disease pressure from time to time. That said, sometimes interventions are necessary, such as directly after transplanting before plants have had a chance to reestablish. In those situations, I provide an integrated approach to managing pests and diseases based on current agricultural and horticultural research. 


  • Insect and disease identification and record keeping.

  • Crop rotation plans for vegetable gardens.

  • Addressing underlying issues with drainage, irrigation, soil nutrition and light tolerance.

  • Insect traps, biological controls and organic pesticide applications.


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